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About IR
International Rectifier is a pioneer and world leader in advanced power management technology, from analog and mixed signal ICs to advanced circuit devices, power systems, and components.
Technological breakthroughs from IR are setting the pace for innovation in the electronics we all rely upon each day. Inside our factories and automobiles, at our homes and offices, and orbiting our world, IR’s power management technology is enabling today’s leading-edge computers, appliances, lighting, automobiles, and satellites… and creating a pathway to tomorrow’s advancements.

HiRel Products
International Rectifier's HiRel is recognized as the leader in providing the power management solutions for high reliability and space applications. Aerospace and space systems applications provide a unique challenge for today's system designers. Space hardware must operate in extreme environmental conditions including exposure to severe ionizing radiation that necessitates the use of radiation-hardened components. International Rectifier has been meeting this challenge for over 20 years and now offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-reliability, ruggedized discretes and integrated ICs including solutions for DC-DC conversion, solid state switching and motor control.
  • IR has a long history of providing high-reliability, radiation hardened power management solutions for space flight with products used in over 2000 space programs from launchers to satellites to space exploration vehicles.
  • IR standard and custom power management solutions are used in programs such as Airbus and Boeing airliners.
  • IR offers high reliability, hermetic, hybrid DC-DC converters designed for extreme temperature and high shock applications that are used in down-hole drilling and seismic and natural resource exploration equipment.
No. 25, Tangyan Road, Xi’an High-Tech Zone, Shaanxi, China
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